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Antibiotic Free Chicken Breast
Antibiotic Free Chicken Breast (24 Breasts - 5oz Each)
Our Price: $99.00

100% USDA Certified Antibiotic Free Chicken Cutlets that are completely cleaned, trimmed, and individually sealed for freshness and taste. We select only the freshest and most flavorful cutlets to enhance your favorite chicken recipes or grill time favorites. more info
Chicken Fingers - Gluten Free
Chicken Fingers - Gluten Free (5lbs)
Our Price: $99.00

Chicken Fingers are a mainstay of any home with children. A healthy chicken finger offers a guilt free, quick meal on the go, that is easy to prepare and loved by the family. The challenge for families who must maintain a gluten free menu is where to find that perfect finger? We have it! Give us a try! more info
Duck Halves - Roasted w/Orange Sauce
Duck Halves - Roasted w/Orange Sauce (9 Halves - 14oz Each)
Our Price: $159.00

A uniquely elegant meal! Succulent duck halves roasted to perfection. Crisp, lean, and partially de-boned. Supplied with a delectable gourmet orange sauce. You're sure to fall in love with the Better Than A Bistro Roasted Duckling. more info
Organic Chicken Breasts
Organic Chicken Breasts (5lbs)
Our Price: $129.00

The way nature intended. Sustainable farming practices distinguish these chickens from those raised conventionally in this country. Their feed contains no antibiotics. In contrast, conventional growers use antibiotics to stimulate growth. more info