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Bob and Mike-the pros from Dover!
I want this to serve as an introduction and firm recommendation for my friends Bob and Mike.
I met Bob and Mike in January 2018. They stopped at my home in the city of Fort Myers. After a friendly chat (mostly regarding why I was in a long-sleeved shirt and long pants and they were both wearing shorts and tank tops owing to their just coming from Boston) the guys showed me their selections of meats and fish. It seems that the guys could not get the quality of the product that they were used to eating available anywhere in Southwest Florida so, instead of staying retired, they decided to resurrect their to-home delivery service. I bought about $600 worth of meat (not a fish guy) that day and have been buying ever since.
What the guys offer is nothing like what you could buy in a grocery store or even a specialty butcher establishment. Their meats (including pork) are of a cut and quality reserved for only the finest of restaurants. I know because as a world traveler I have sampled the best of meats from Kansas City to Paris.
Their offerings are not cheap. You pay premium dollar for premium meats. I often entertain my clients in my home and everything must match my elevated level of professional service. I have never been disappointed. My father, after retirement, raised polled, white-face Hereford cattle. These are cattle that are used solely to enhance the genetic beef capabilities of lesser cattle herds. My father, being the beef aficionado that he was, had one of his prized cows butchered for our family every year. Bob and Mike's beef is of that quality.
Beyond being connected men to the finest beef available, these guys are very nice, (not a word that I employ often) honest men who seek to satisfy their clients at the highest level. If you are ever not satisfied, then they will gladly replace your products. You will find these men are as interested in you as a person as much as a client. If you demand only the best, then Bob and Mike are people that you should talk to when they come to your door.

Bon Appetite
John J. Devine City of Fort Myers
(*pros from Dover is a reference to the movie Mash)


"Hi Rob, it's Ashley S.
Sorry I was in a bad mood yesterday, it was a bad day. We tried the chicken tenders last night! Wow! We love them! Thank you! We will be in touch. Have a great night."

Ashley S.
Naples, Florida


OMG, we just had the French pork chop for dinner. The only difference between Blue Coyote and that is I cooked it and they have a sauce. My boys loved it. Thanks Tim for making me look really good again tonight."

RC - Ft Myers FL


Mike, I have to say I was not quite sure how good the steaks would be. Peter and I made tonight and they were not good but GREAT! So happy you happened by our home/driveway this afternoon! Can't wait to try the tenderloin and scallops!"

Tracy E., Naples, FL


Chris, we had grilled French pork chop with Cherry sauce and the twice-baked potatoes. Fantastic! The Pork was fork tender. Thanks so much. I think this is the beginning of a great friendship.

Bob, Naples Florida


I have been purchasing products from Better Than A Bistro for approximately 1 year. I find the quality of their products to be superior to most restaurants in SW Florida, as well as any supermarket in the region. Their steaks and burgers are of superb quality and their variety of other meats, poultry and seafood are fantastic and delicious. I would recommend anyone to try their convenient service and delicious products.

John L, Naples Florida


My experience with Better Than A Bistro has been nothing short of fantastic. I moved down here to Florida about a year ago and was disappointed with the quality of meat I found in the local supermarkets. One morning a Better Than A Bistro refrigerated truck pulled into my driveway. I was greeted by Bob Venora and Mike Duffy. They explained that they deliver quality foods conveniently right to my house. I was familiar with the concept of the service having used it in Connecticut previously. Since then I have ordered at least a half a dozen times and each order has consisted of multiple products. The quality of their beef, poultry, seafood, and pork is not to believe. My husband and I could not be happier with the quality of the food and the service. Everything from strip steaks, tenderloin tips to Sea Bass have been top-notch. I once requested an item which was not on the truck and the very next day Mike was at my door with the product that I had requested. I would highly recommend Better Than A Bistro to anyone who enjoys delicious, quality meats and tasty specialty products.

Dawn Wolf, Customer since January 2018


I discovered Better Than A Bistro about two years ago. To be honest, I noticed the decorated truck in a neighbor's driveway while out walking the dogs. Loving Florida lobster and knowing how hard they are to find, I waited to ask the gentleman what this was all about. Mike quickly filled me in, and I was sold from the beginning. What impressed me most about Mike Duffy and Bob were their friendliness, professionalism, and knowledge. They know well the products they offer, they are honest about what might best match my budget, tastes, and family needs, and they are quick to give suggestions for cooking, which is invaluable to me! (I've since learned to check the website instead of texting Mike at 8 o'clock at night for help, although he never minds.) We've shared the bounty of Better Than A Bistro with out of town friends and relatives, who frequently ask where they can get the same quality foods in their towns. (The answer is yes, and also shipped to their homes.) I appreciate the convenience of the vacuum-sealed steaks and chicken, which are quick to defrost at the last minute and offer numerous recipe options. The chicken pot pies are delicious; the tuna appetizers were the hit of the holiday party; the lobster was as good as I had hoped; I could go on and on. Best of all, everything tastes delicious, and I am assured my family is eating chemical and additive-free meats. It is always a delight to see Bob and Mike drive up, knowing they have some new delicious product to share with a friendly and trustworthy handshake.

Dr. Mary Beth Fletcher, Fort Myers, FL


I'm on a diet that requires me to eat a lot of meat. I get most of my meat from Better Than a Bistro because they carry the cuts of meat and types of fish you just can't find locally... not even at a butcher shop or fish market. You get what you pay for and you are what you eat. This ain't supermarket food. It's thick, bone-in steaks and chops from grass-fed, free-range livestock and line-caught wild fish. Then there's the convenience factor. Instead of having to take my time to go out and fight traffic, stand in line, and visit several different places to get second-rate food that I have to rush home with before it spoils or thaws out, I make one phone call and they bring it right to my door. Everything is frozen, individually sealed in plastic, and organized. They'll even load it into my freezer if I want them to. Unconditional satisfaction guaranteed... you can't ask for more. I love this service!

Charlie Greer